It's not easy being green.

magicprincen asked: When I first went vegetarian my periods got really irregular but I found out that that's normal if you drastically change your diet (like going vegetarian overnight).

spongekelp asked: Morning star isn't eggless


Anonymous asked: Are morning star products tasty?

Some of them! It’s all acquired. I don’t like the veggie burgers that actually look like burgers, I have vegetarian friends who love them. I hate the fake chicken, people can’t get enough of them. I like the fake corndogs, some don’t. Give em a try! BUT eat them sparingly, paired with lots of grains and fruits and veggies. You can’t get a full meal just out of fake meat, and you shouldn’t overuse those products as they can be high in sodium

Anonymous asked: I've been vegetarian for about 3 months and I want to keep it up but I've been craving chicken and turkey. Have any advise?

Okay so call me a bad vegetarian for endorsing this, but those overpriced weird looking morningstar tofurky roasts in the fridge section at the supermarket? Surprisingly really good! They get a lot of hate but my mom made me those around the holidays and for a couple of special occasions and I genuinely like it a lot. May not be the healthiest thing in the world, but its not bad and it tastes good! Use the leftovers for sandwiches, etc. Also I personally don’t like imitation chicken products but those are an option. 

Most importantly- a lot of the time when you crave meat your body is telling you that you are missing something! Make sure you are eating healthfully and that your diet is not low in protein, iron, or other important nutrients 

Anonymous asked: What do you think about vegans and their diet?

respect, more power to ‘em

aleelovespolarbears asked: is there such thing as egg-less breakfast food that doesn't taste like dessert? I am so tired of muffins, potatoes, and oatmeal for breakfast.

Well there’s always soy breakfast meats? I’ve never tried them but morningstar makes veggie sausages and whatnot (psa: always watch how much soy fake meat product you are consuming as they are high in sodium and are not enough to constitute a healthy vegetarian diet)

Other than that, wow, grits? I’m from the south, I don’t know how popular those are everywhere else but yeah grits are a thing. Use tofu and veggies to make a breakfast scramble! Throw it in a tortilla and call it a breakfast burrito

EDIT: morningstar breakfast products contain eggs

h4bailey asked: I'm a new vegetarian & my grandma was getting mad & being just so rude telling me all vegetarians eat fish. Correct me if I'm wrong but fish is meat right?

Fish is meat yes

Anonymous asked: How long should I wait to consider myself a vegetarian? Haha kind of a dumb question but I feel kinda weird saying it out loud to people

Just as a sweeping piece of advice: don’t get so caught up on labels guys! 

I would say the second you make the decision not to eat meat you can call yourself a vegetarian. Or, if you feel weird, give yourself a 30 day waiting period. 

Anonymous asked: What's the difference between whey, rennet and gelatin? Also are these 3 ingredients listed on the ingredients labels of foods?

Whey is used a lot of the time as a protein enhancing agent and it is made as a byproduct of dairy production, it should be listed in ingredients as whey.

Rennet is essentially the stomach lining of cows and pigs and it is used in the production of cheese, so it is found in a lot of cheese products. It is listed as “enzymes” in most ingredient list.

Gelatin is made from the discarded bones, cartilage, and skin of cows and is used as a thickening agent. It should be listed in ingredient lists as gelatin. 

jehanoftheprouvaires asked: I was going through your answered questions and decided to watch the Earthlings documentary, and I'm halfway through but holy shit it's like food, inc. on steroids. I was a vegetarian before but I've already decided not to eat eggs or milk anymore. At the moment I can't go full vegan but thank you so much for sharing the documentary it's incredibly eye opening.

Far and away the best documentary on the meat industry I’ve seen! More comprehensive and hard-hitting than food, inc imo. EVERYONE WATCH EARTHLINGS