It's not easy being green.

spaghetti-and-meatballs asked: Hello! I've been a vegetarian for about 9 months now and I usually do just fine with a normal exercise routine, I'm a dancer so I dance a couple days a week. But recently I've been cast in a very intense musical with a lot of hard dance numbers and I often feel faint and dizzy, and my hands start to tingle and I can't see for a couple seconds and it's really scary and I would like it to stop. Do you think it could have to do with not enough protein? Or something of that sorts? Thanks ily blog :*

You should talk to someone about that who is not just some idiot with a blog like myself. However, based on my own idiot opinion, I’d say that signals a lack of something in your diet, be it protein or iron or other nutrients. You need to be very very careful with your diet with the added stress and exercise. 

Anonymous asked: Hi, do you think it would be alright if i ate fish only once in a while? we eat at places like red lobster and i dont know what to get there and other seafood restaurants. It would only be like once/2months. Would that be okay?

Are you asking me for permission? If so, you shouldn’t be. Eat what you want. However, eating meat occasionally is technically not “vegetarian.” Whether or not it is “okay” depends on your values and decisions, so that’s subjective.  

blackcollarcitizen asked: I was offered a California sushi roll that had "imitation crab meat" in it. I didn't take it because I didn't know what they meant by that. Is it actual plant/ tofu "meat", or over-processed fish?

Imitation crab is almost never vegetarian, that just means it’s made by some cheaper kind of fish or some sort of amalgamation of vague meat and meat flavoring. 

Anonymous asked: Have you seen a documentary called "Vegucated"? It's awesome. It's what made me become a vegetarian! :)

I think I watched the first 20 or so minutes of the movie, was extremely unimpressed, turned it off. I probably just lost interest

Anonymous asked: I live on campus at my college and it isn't an option to "pack healthier options from home". Living on campus requires you to buy the meal plan which is just under $2,000 a semester. I am a broke college student so I CAN'T make/buy my own food; I have to rely on what is available. There are vegetarian options but they suck. So i agree with writing the letter. Do what you can to make a difference, results won't come from doing nothing.

Good point, I didn’t consider college students. I agree, writing a letter definitely won’t hurt

umhi-im-alexis asked: To the people with no vegetarian options at school: try writing a letter to the school board! If you're good at writing (especially persuasive writing) you could probably make some progress. Try to compromise with the school; try to think of something inexpensive they could offer. (My school system offered cheese pizza and a yogurt-and-bagel lunch every day, and they would frequently offer other options like vegetarian lasagna, veggie burgers, veggie quesadillas, and more.)

I think writing a letter is a great idea! But I also don’t really think anyone should be eating school lunches, vegetarian or otherwise, if they have the chance to pack a healthier lunch from home.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever had the veggie burger at Rainforest Cafe? It gave me the worst indigestion I've ever had.

No, but it’s infuriating that restaurants can’t get something as simple as a veggie burger right.

Anonymous asked: While looking through your blog, someone said something about their school not having vegetarian options. Mine is like that too! I can't have the salads because they have freaking salami or chicken mixed in them, and they serve chicken for lunch EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY! Chicken Patty, chicken nugget, kung pao chicken, CHICKEN!!! I have to buy freaking yogurt or a banana or bring home lunch, which is really hard considering my family eats a lot of meat. The life of being a vegetarian :(

Maybe encourage your parents to buy a few more veggie things? With the money you’re spending on yogurt and a banana every day you could buy stuff to make a PB&J, or some veggies, or fruit, etc. Also it may be worth asking the cafeteria employees if there are any vegetarian options in the back or anything, because at some schools they just don’t display them.

Vegetarian Tip

Cheesecake Factory veggie burgers are disgusting. Don’t try it. Not even once.

Anonymous asked: I've been a vegetarian for 10 years, so has my mother and recently my dad. However, my boyfriend and his family are avid meat eaters. I've recently moved in with them and they always make comments when my boyfriend and I eat veggie. How should I address the situation without coming across as annoyed and preachy?

I would say just go into the conversation with the mindset that you don’t want to seem preachy or annoyed. (Although you probably are annoyed— understandably, it seems to be an annoying situation.) If you’re on this level of friendliness with his parents, just kindly let them know that you respect their lifestyle and ask them to respect yours. It shouldn’t sound preachy because the objective of the conversation isn’t to convert them to vegetarianism, it’s to ask them to respect your decisions. Maybe bring up that it’s healthy for your boyfriend to occasionally eat veggie, and that occasional vegetarianism actually benefits his health. Hope this helps